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My newest book, Samantha’s Talent, is about a young girl with a very unusual talent: she can talk to animals. Her talent constantly gets her into trouble with her parents and school authorities. The ramifications of her talent necessitates moving again and again, but once the public learns about her there is no escape from the publicity. As she grows into a teen, a rogue agency wants to kidnap her and force her to work for them while on the other hand, a secret branch of another agency wants to protect her and help nurture her talent until she is older, and when she may be able to help with a decade-long problem. To complicate matters, Samantha finds herself falling helplessly in love with one of the young scientists working on the problem. This is a wonderful book, one that like Harry Potter, everybody from children to grandparents can enjoy.

No Heaven, No Hell is a book about survival after death--but only for some. This is another book I carried around in my head for years before finally figuring out a way to make it work. It is controversial, but then why write if you don’t stir up some emotional reactions?

Those were my two most recent, as of August, 2014. The titles of the rest of my best work, in IMHO, follows:

1. Rogue Program is a revised and expanded version of Savage Survival which segues into a sequel to make one long book.

2. Medics Wild is the prequel to and the other four books in that series, in order: Postwar Dinosaur Blues, Bigfoot Crazy, Three for the Money and Space for Sale. These books are all about the crazy, humorous, unbelievably dangerous adventures ofthe zany, daring, politically incorrect Williard brothers who live for adventure, carrying their girlfriends along for the ride as they try to tame the testosterone-driven brothers, who risk their lives again and again for fun and fortune and adventure.

3. The Aperture Series, in order, Apertures, Allies and Enemies, and A World lost, A world Gained. I think the last part of the last book took all my readers by surprise.

4. Space Trails. The science might be a bit off from reality (although maybe not) but I couldn't resist the idea of going to the stars in covered wagons drawn by horses. I carried the idea around in my mind for years before finally figuring out a semi-plausible way of doing it. An original idea, I have to admit. The family moving along the space trails has all the problems of our pioneer forebears plus new ones that only advanced science can produce. Great adventure.

5. The Long Way Home. This was an idea from Mutiny on the Bounty, Captain Bligh's long trip with the non-mutineers in a whale boat. I should do a sequel but haven't gotten to it. Same for some other books but seems like I always get an idea for another book before doing a sequel. The Apertures Series was purposely done as a trilogy and another original idea for accessing alternate worlds.

6. The Original Sex Gates novel, not the trilogy written with Jeanine Berry. Don't know how I got snookered into that.

7. Human by Choice with Travis S. Taylor. The series continues with Stephanie Osborn, a former NASA payload specialist and a very good scientist also. Travis is brilliant but one of those people who are always looking for and doing new things in science and other endeavors and so far always succeeding. He should run for President.

8. The Frontier Rebellion. Not much original material but a good book, I believe.

9. Galactic Frontiers. Another coming of age story. I've done a number of those.

10. Quanty. Travis Taylor had a lot of input for this novel even though his name isn't on it. A quantum computer gets ideas of its own.

11. The Melanin Apocalypse. A virus affecting only people of color and the Middle Eastern population. I drew the science from my own knowledge in my own specialty of laboratory medicine and also did a good bit of research to make sure it was accurate. And what happens? A reviewer says the science is stupid. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Be warned: some of the material in this book is controversial, and caused some readers to call me a racist, an accusation that couldn’t be further from the truth.

12. Starship Down. A lost starship that has to find a planet to colonize. The ship carries a very mixed population, including some bad characters bound for a prison planet.

13. Life On Santa Claus Lane. Humor. A memoir based on true events although some of them are a bit exaggerated for dramatic or humorous purposes.

13. Doggie Biscuit. Humor. See above. A book for all lovers of our faithful companions. In Biscuit’s case it’s hard to determine which is is the master.

14. Oops! Short story collection. Some good ones here, I think, including the short story that my recent novel, Samantha’s Talent, is based on.

15. The Pet Plague Trilogy. Some of my very earliest work but the best of my earlier work.

16. Alien Seeds. The two Strake brothers definitely march to the beat of their own drummer, but when it comes to those little golden seeds one of the brothers discovers, they need some help, and fast!

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