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May 2015 to December 2015



How It Ought To Be, Damn It!

eBook is now available at amazon.com.
Print edition to follow soon.

If you like Political Correctness, don’t read this book! If you’re easily offended, don’t read this book, because its observations on the state of America impales both the right and the left with equal fervor.

How It Ought To Be, Damn It departs from the author’s usual mode. He takes a great, defiant leap squarely into the middle of the political and cultural maelstrom plaguing his beloved United States of America, and he minces no words in telling us How It Ought To Be.

Written in everyday colloquial language that anyone can understand, you may be pleased or angered at the contents—but it’s likely both emotions will touch you where you live. Most importantly, if this book causes you to simply pause for a moment here and there to honestly think, Mr. Bain will feel that he’s accomplished what he set out to do.


Darrell Bain photo Samantha's Talent by Darrell Bain

Now available at amazon.com and barnes&noble

Samantha Douglas--Sammie to her friends--is a pretty, shy ten year old girl living in a remote area of Alaska with her parents. She is normal except for one very unique and exceptional talent: she has been able to talk to animals as far back as she can remember. There is only one problem: no one believes her, not even her parents.

Sammie's talent gets her into more and more trouble as she grows older. Neighboring families fear their own children will attempt to emulate Samantha's ability to make friends with animals and get hurt by them--or worse. The Douglas family is ostracized and feared. The family is forced to move to the lower forty eight.

As a teenager her very life and freedom is threatened. She is both worshiped and feared. A government agency wants her help. Others want to kidnap her and use her for their own purposes. Her only hope for a normal life is to help solve a long-standing problem with her talent and the help of her animal friends. She also needs the help of a scientist she has secretly fallen in love with. This is a story of a girl that, like Harry Potter, both adults and young adults will enjoy.

"Your book is interesting reading. ..overall a fascinating story. I’ll look for it when it comes out."

Gordon B. Hendley, Jr.
Director, Ellen Trout Zoo


Here you'll find titles in various genres, including humor, science fiction, mystery, and suspense/thriller. Most of my books are available in both Print and as E-book editions. They almost always appear first as E-books and then come out in print. See the menu for "E-books" and "Books in Print" for descriptions and links to where they may be purchased in either version. You can also see a complete list of my books in print at Amazon.com and at Barnes and Noble.


Epic 2010 Award, Best Adventure novel for Quanty
Dream Realm Award 2008, best SF novel for Human by Choice (with Travis S. Taylor).
Eppie Award 2007, best Action/Adventure novel for Mindwar.
Eppie Award 2007, best Young Adult novel for White Odyssey.
Dream Realm Award 2006, best SF novel for Warp Point.
Fictionwise 2005 E-book Author of the Year.
Multiple Finalist, Dream Realm Awards.
Multiple Finalist, Eppie Awards.
Knowbetter best science fiction novel of the year 2002 for The Sex Gates.



NO HEAVEN, NO HELL by Darrell Bain

Now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Now available at Amazon as ebook edition and soon to be in print and ebook versions at all on-line stores. Read the blurb, then see if you can resist reading this book, sure to be the most controversial of all the novels he's ever written!

Darrell Bain’s newest novel, No Heaven, No Hell

What if—
Everything we've ever believed about life after death is wrong?

What if—
Our beliefs about the reasons for much of human behavior, attitudes and mental acuity are also wrong?

Autism, homosexuality, criminal behavior, mental illness and other aberrations from the norm are caused by the same essential factor?

And suppose—
Changes in human behavior such as teenage angst, descent into criminality, a sudden successful desire to better ourselves, incredible success in finance or business and other transformations are due to a phenomena that is known to some but never discussed?

And then what if—
All this knowledge is suddenly revealed by a small group of people who have figured it out but are in fear for their lives for doing so?

The afterlife isn't what he thought it was. When Daniel Nelson's cancer-ravaged body finally gives up he finds out that dying was easy compared to what comes after. He learns that while there still doesn't appear to be absolute proof of heaven or hell, there is indeed life after death--for some.

But what a life! Dan's mind is now attached to that of a fourteen year-old girl, Jeannie Stanforth, who was nearby when he died, but she has no knowledge of his presence. What does this mean? Are there others like him? If so, what are the consequences for their hosts?

Under dire necessity, Dan finally makes contact with Jeannie several years later and eventually Jeannie reveals the details to her father, John Stanforth and to her stepmother, Rosie. Rosie immediately collapses in relief and tears because, like Jeannie, she thought she was the only one who had an attached mind, that of a young man with Asperger's syndrome who passed his incredible talent for numbers on to her. From there the three of them form a foundation to explore what all this means. They find a few others like them but then they learn that there is a Cabal of men and women with multiple attached minds who have gained tremendous financial and political power through the synergistic effect of the attached minds working together.

The Cabal is adamant that no one learn where their ability came from. After two attempts on their lives, Jeannie and her new husband, Abe, and her parents decide they must reveal the presence of attached minds to the public in order to save their own lives.

And then all hell breaks loose. An amazing, unusual, completely original novel that will challenge almost every belief you've ever had!

This is fiction. But what if it is true? Then what?


Children of the Sex Gates by Darrell Bain

Now available print at Amazon and B&N

Sequel to The Original Sex Gates by the author of the #1 top selling series, The Sex Gates - 2003 Fictionwise.

Children of the Sex Gates takes place in the universe depicted in my book, The Original Sex Gates, NOT the trilogy written with Jeanine Berry. The Original Sex Gates is how I first wrote the novel and is my preferred version, mainly because all the events are contained in the one novel and also because it has one more major character and the last quarter of the book diverges dramatically from that of the trilogy and has a completely unexpected and much different and more believable ending. You don't necessarily have to read The Original Sex Gates in order to enjoy Children of the Sex Gates, since it is a standalone novel, but you would probably enjoy it a little more after first reading The Original Sex Gates novel.

Rogue Program by Darrell Bain



Now available in print and ebook editions (at all ebook stores)!

Barnes & Noble--paperback & ebook

Amazon--paperback & ebook

Rogue Program is an outgrowth of my popular novel, Savage Survival, which is combined with the sequel to make one giant book, essentially two books for the price of one!Almost from the time Savage Survival was published, fans and readers wrote asking, “What happened next?” This novel not only answers the question but includes a greatly expanded and revised version of the original novel which then segues directly into the sequel of that book. The two together make up Rogue Program. This is the longest work I’ve attempted and I’ve worked hard to make it both interesting and fun to read. Lyda Brightner is a female protagonist anyone can identify with as she grows up with millions of other human captives of an unknown Alien species. Conditions are so harsh and change so often that death is a constant companion, winnowing the Survivors inexorably down to only a few thousand out of fifteen million before they are returned to Earth. And then comes the hard part, trying to divine the motives of the Aliens who have never been seen. Only their mechanical avatars have been intermittently present during five long years of terrible struggles to live, with each change bringing ever-harsher conditions. What do the Aliens want? Why did they push millions of captive humans into environments where Survive or Die was the only option? What do they intend to do next now that the Survivors are back? Read about Lyda Brightner and how she manages to survive by her quick wits, her innate bravery, her compassion for those weaker than herself and a determination never to give in to the tortures of captivity that leave so many older and physically stronger than her by the wayside. Rogue Program is a coming of age novel like no other and Lyda is a character you’ll remember for a long, long time. Follow her life from a privileged tween into an unimagined hell where she must constantly fight for her life, and on to an Enclave on the moon left by the Aliens, where the biggest puzzle of the galaxy waits to be solved by the few Survivors of alien captivity. Failure to find the answer of this last test may mean oblivion not only for Lyda and her fellows but for the whole human race. Get your copy of Rogue Program now!

The Apertures trilogy is now complete with the final book, A World Lost, A World Gained in print. Don’t miss this thrilling adventure/suspense/sci-fi trilogy of alternate worlds, with the twins Jan and Jani growing from teenagers to adult combat veterans with families and fighting to bring deserving Americans to a brand new, pristine world to start anew.

Apertures: Allies and Enemies
Apertures: A World Gained

Alternate earths—with a brand new twist!
We are being invaded by an alternate Earth. Twins Jan and Jani gradually discover that they can create apertures to other alternities. Worse, it seems they may be our own Earth’s only hope of thwarting the invasion from Panka, a cruel, world-spanning dictatorship intent on taking over here. Their lives are no longer their own. They either help or they will be killed or captured by the Pankans, with horrible consequences for us all.

This first book is a prospective trilogy or series and includes the first two chapters of the next book, Apertures: Allies and Enemies.

Amazon; Barnes & Noble

AperturesII is a stand-alone novel that continues the story of the discovery that rare individuals can create apertures into alternate earths, and of twins Jan and Jani Jenkins who have a great talent for creating those apertures. The Apertures universe is full of surprises, romances and conflicts, where a beautiful traitor from our earth is bent on helping the Panks win the war unless the twins and the Alternate Special forces can prevent it.

Surrounded by enemies that are closing in, their only hope is a rescue mission led by his sister Jani against orders. If she fails then both the talented twins will be lost to earth and very likely the war against the evil and corrupt Pankan empire will be lost as well.

Amazon; Barnes & Noble

The final book of the Apertures trilogy! The dream of a different alternity where Americans can begin anew has been a goal of Jan and Jani Jenkins almost since the first of the Apertures Era. Now they are working against time and selfish politicians to see it happen before the whole world goes up in flames.

War, unethical politicians, a mass movement aimed at controlling all aperture formation and the terrible loss of loved ones will test them in ways they never dreamed possible. If they can persevere, though, the reward may be worth it. Barely.

Amazon; Barnes & Noble


The Melanin Apocalypse




New and Selected Books of Interest

Most books are available for ebook readers such as Kindle, Nook, Sony, etc. They are also being made available for the iPad as rapidly as possible.


Space Trails Space Trails    

Darrell Bain's latest novel encompasses the spirit of the old American pioneers who risked all for a chance of a better life in a new environment. With conditions in America deteriorating, the Bentley family decides to take advantage of the recently discovered method for reaching the stars. They sign a contract with a corporation in return for partial financing of their venture to a new world. But as they travel on the space trails, they gradually discover that all is not right about the expedition they're on. When the discrepancies finally come to a head, they find the corporation has deceived all the immigrants. Regardless, there is no turning back, for the leaders of the expedition have outsmarted themselves. Out of food, lost in the labyrinth of the space trails, beset by denizens of the 'ways, with only a slim chance of survival, the Bentley family and their fellow immigrants press on, driven by the same indomitable spirit their forebears showed while conquering a new continent.

Available now from Fictionwise.com; eReader.com; Diesel or Kindle.


Alien Enigma

Alien Enigma    

SF / Thriller

The Bolt Cluster is an area of close-knit stars that harbors a curious planet and deadly secret. Starships which enter the cluster never return. An alien enigma there has cost Wannstead Industries so many lives and ships that they finally decide to turn it over to the US Space Navy and its futuristic contingent of roughneck Marines. Captain Keane leads mankind's most lethal spaceship into unknown alien territory, fighting battles against a bizarre alien species that will never surrender. Keane and the crew of Doc Travis are now involved in mankind's first interstellar war, where the very existence of humanity may be at stake. The Bolt Cluster enigma must not only be solved but Keane and the Doc Travis also have to survive and return to Earth. Humanity must be warned of the threat or all the lives and ships lost so far will be in vain.

ISBN: 1554047811
Available now at all bookstores and online from Amazon.com;  Barnes & Noble



Human by Choice

Human by Choice

Best selling science fiction print author Travis S. "Doc" Taylor and best selling e-book author Darrell Bain have combined talents to produce a new science fiction thriller.

Buy Human by Choice at  Amazon or  Barnes & Noble !


TheStarship DownThe Starship Down

A starship on a circuit to service earth's colonies is sabotaged and winds up irrevocably lost in space. The only option is to find a habitable planet to live on. Aboard the ship is a contingent of convicts bound for a prison planet, an army company rotating to one of the colony worlds, government officials and scientists going or coming from the colonies, a contingent of prospective colonists going out to pioneer and a miscellany of other passengers. A crew of two hundred fifty is now responsible for a thousand people after they finally find a new world to settle on. Add in a mad captain, combative convicts and some unworldly aliens and it becomes all that acting Captain Travis Callahan can handle-and then some!

Amazon;   Barnes & Noble


  The Frontier Rebellion
The Frontier Rebellion

The Freedom Alliance consists of twenty frontier planets which revolt against the tyranny of the corporation-controlled Earth but above all against their corporate masters that control almost every facet of life on their planets. The surprise revolt succeeds at first but then the Earth Navy comes back, bringing enough warships and corporation army troops to subdue the rebels, they think. Unfortunately for them they have never come up against people like Maria Santos, Calvin Helos, General Juanita Sanforth and other brave patriots willing to sacrifice all for a chance to run their own lives. Forced underground, they prepare for a second revolt, using their hidden navy built from confiscated transports, obsolete weapons that have not been used for half a century, an underground army training in the jungles and finally a unique ally, the Elves of Weaver. Even then success is not guaranteed. Lives will be sacrificed, ships will be lost and the fight will be fiercer than they ever believed, but the Freedom Alliance is determined to succeed. Their people will live free or die trying.

The Frontier Rebellion is another masterful novel by Darrell Bain, author of Human by Choice, Alien Infection, Starship Down, The Long Way Home and many others.

Amazon; Barnes & Noble


Savage SurvivalSavage Survival    

Savage Survival is a coming of age story like no others and Lyda Brightner is a character you won't forget. When eleven year old Lyda is thrown into the midst of millions of undisciplined humans, with no parents or guardian to protect her as she grows up, she has only her own bravery and her belief in the innate goodness of humans to sustain her. For six years, Lyda must endue the most ghastly and brutal environments imaginable, put there by invulnerable aliens for reasons of their own. After her first horrible experience in a barren desert, she vows that come what may, she will live, even while millions die, for she is determined to find what is behind such hideous treatment by the aliens.

 Special Limited Hardcover Edition of Savage Survival

Only 500 copies of this special edition will be printed. It is available for order now at Amazon.com and BOOK STORES and from the publisher, Twilight times Books at www.twilighttimesbooks.com.

Order now to be sure you get a copy!


5 Talismans (Highest rating)

I have been an avid reader for quite some time. I have read too many books to count over the years covering a variety of genres. Through my literary travels the list of novels which have made me say, "Wow, that was something special", is relatively short. Frank Herbert's Dune, Terry Brooks' The Elfstones of Shannara, and George R.R. Martin's series A Song of Ice and Fire are all at the top of that list. After reading Darrell Bain's novel Savage Survival however, I think that list has grown a little longer.

When Earth is invaded by an unknown alien race, eleven year old Lyda Brightner finds herself swept up in the destructive wake. With her father dead and mother missing, Lyda awakens in a concentration camp somewhere in a desert in the southwest United States. Within hours, she is horribly abused by a man who then in turn tries to sell her into slavery.

After managing to escape, Lyda discovers an inner strength which helps her retake control of her life, and puts her on a path of self discovery. Deciding the only way to defeat those who would hurt her and those she comes to protect, is by meeting them head on, Lyda quickly finds herself the leader of several like minded survivors. The aliens however, have different plans. The human survivors are put through test after test so that only the humans with the strongest minds will make it through each trial. Along the way Lyda and the other human refugees learn they are changing.

Their minds are sharper and their bodies are stronger. With each trial the changes become more evident. Lyda uses these "gifts" to protect the people who choose to follow her, and also to discover love as well as learn what true leadership is all about. Savage Survival is truly a masterful piece of science fiction writing. Darrell Bain uses an alien invasion of Earth as a backdrop to tell not only a coming of age story but also to spark deep thought concerning society as a whole. His character Lyda Brightner is as memorable of a character as you can get. I sincerely hope there are more tales of her exploits coming in the near future.

Darrell Bain's Savage Survival is definitely what is right about the science fiction genre. I believe this is as close to a must read as you can get. With an intricate plot, vivid imagination, and one of the most memorable characters I have run across in a long time, Savage Survival will leave readers with that same "wow" feeling I received.

Reviewed by Shawn Oetzel for Tales of the Talisman.

The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home    

SF from Double Dragon Publishing.

New release!

A surprise assault on an Exploration Corp starship by implacably hostile, xenophobic aliens leaves its one remaining long boat as the only option for warning the home worlds of their existence, but the starship had been a thousand light years from Earth. Theoretically, that sort of voyage in a long boat is possible but has never been attempted. In order to return they will have to stop on numerous unknown planets to renew supplies many, many times along the way. There is certain to be danger and inimical life forms, as well as the hazards of braving interstellar space in a ship meant only for travel within a solar system. And before they get anywhere close to earth they have to figure out a way to destroy a much larger and much better armed alien starship. It is shadowing their every move but must not be allowed to follow them home to Earth and its colonies. The long journey has to succeed, even as more and more of the crew fall prey to perils of the incredible journey. Humanity must be warned. There will be no second chance. Fail and the poorly armed home worlds will likely die.
Darrell's highest rated novel.
Available now at all bookstores and online from Amazon.com; Barnes & Noble

The Melanin Apocalypse

The Melanin Apocalypse    

SF suspense from Twilight Times Books.

A man-made virus is killing all the blacks in the world. The African continent is devolving into complete chaos. Blacks in America begin rioting and killing Whites. Israel and the Arab states go to war again. The oil fields of the Middle East and Africa are up for grabs...  Darrell Bain's most controversial novel since "The Sex Gates."

Read a chapter excerpt.
ISBN: 1-933353-70-8
Available now at all bookstores and online from Amazon.com;  Barnes & Noble

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