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With 50 books in print, prolific author Darrell Bain never tires writing various genres including humor, science fiction, mystery, and suspense/thriller.

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Darrell's Monthly Blog Index


August 2005
Giant red rose Bouquet, Convict slang, Retirement, Supply & demand of writers

September 2005
Tonto, the tool using dog (with photo), Teachers, Mirror neurons

October 2005
Katrina, Teenage slang, Rita, More Tonto, Velcro the cat, Most readable science fiction

November 2005
Adventurous brother, Lust vs love, Time displacement, Alternate worlds, Sex in science fiction, Odd diseases, Good marriage

December 2005
Mentors, Drug laws, Joe Sixpack, Mind of a writer, Flash drives


January 2006
Comic strips, Kissing, Life on Santa Claus Lane (with a story), Fan ratings, Dachshunds, John Hunter (18th Century surgeon ahead of his time), Franklin stoves

February 2006
Author of the Year!, Calvin & Hobbes, Newspapers, Top E-book, Winter, Nicotrol Inhaler, Darrell Bain newsgroup, Rescue in 'Nam.

March 2006
Where's George when we really need him?, Homemade cookies, "Experts", Blooper, Prejudice, Bookless in Saudi Arabia

April 2006
Intensive care & recovery, White odyssey, Writer's reward, Death dreams, Fashion madness, Super spokesman

May 2006
Memoirs, Theory of prejudice, Lost ring, Anti-aging, Immigration, Florida pythons

June 2006
Strawberries, Wildlife, Ottoman shopping surprise, Alien Infection, Cookies (Betty), Diets, The Focus Factor, Toppers, Eye surgery

July 2006
Pleasures of life, Daydreaming, Tonto, Weapons in school (olden days), Hubris, Whoops!, Crazy anniversary event, Women catering to men, Exercise

August 2006
Canning & jelly making, Knowledge News web site, "Presence", Uncle T.C. (letter about olden days)

September 2006
Gazelle exerciser and music, Born as we are, Corn syrup in food

October 2006
Changing times, Pictures, Interviews, Space Trails, Audio books, Little and big furry people

November 2006
Doctors, Wagging tails, Memory foam, Common sense vs intelligence, Letters from readers, Remodeling

December 2006
More remodeling, Holding hands, Lost nephew, Wood fires, Cost of peace and quiet, Christmas shopping


January 2007
Suture removal at home, New Orleans, Playing Santa Claus, Changing attitudes, Writing: money vs pleasure, Betty's Christmas village

February 2007
Political story, Christmas gifts, Car trouble story, Bureaucratic blundering, The original Sex Gates novel, Psychic anniversary experience, Weather forecasters, Wedding ring, Memoirs

March 2007
Aging and love, Early bird gene, Adventurous brother, Biggest fan, Degradation of digital data, Diets, Iraq war

April 2007
Odd happenings, Eppie award winner, Honesty: readers vs non-readers, Spouses who talk to each other, Tonto book, Living expenses, Garage sales, Writer's delight

May 2007
Desk, Cat reads newsletter, The Good Book movie, How politicians go wrong, Dentist and truck gremlins, Poison ivy cure, Heart gremlin

June 2007
Household hint, Dishpan full of pudding, Periods of history, My old folks rules, Insoluble computer problem monster, Belgium waffles, Professions surplus

July 2007
Newsletter Books, Free Books, Opposite Sex Conversations, Lost History, Newsletter Index, Ads, Progress Report, Gary & Barb's Visit, Book Report, Cheating in School, Overlooking Faults in Marriage, Retirement Hours, Good Smells, Last Notes

August 2007
Dream Realm Finalist, Armadillocon, Bain Blunders, Free Books, Medical Funny, Book Report, Tonto Tale, Sexual Eqaulity, Quantum Theory, Progress Report, Elderly Isolation, Special on Wounded Vets, Final Notes

September 2007
Free Books. Stupidity, Armadillocon, Scary Disease, Shoddy Merchandise, Revenge, Book Reviews, Progress Report, Notes from Musing, Excerpt from Savage Survival

October 2007
Free Books, Collector's Item, Just Out, Coffee Stimulates Technology, Book Reviews, Progress Report, Readers: Born or Made, Parents and Civilization, Notes from Musing, Excerpt from The Original Sex Gates Novel

November 2007
Special Update, Tonto Again, Free Books, Reading & Writing Science Fiction and Thrillers, Intellectuals, Old English Literature, Book Reviews, Reply to Parents and Civilization, Aging, For Dog Lovers, Newsletter Names, Savage Survival, Notes from Musing, Excerpt from Mindwar.

December 2007
Free Books, News Flash, Bain Blunders, Christmas, Bain Muses, Velcro the Cat & Susie the Dog, Progress Report, Quantum Theory for Laymen, Book Reviews, Political Correctness Relief, The 'F' Word, Individual vs. Mass Disasters, Eyewitness Convictions, Failure of Democracy, Excerpt from Doggie Biscuit!


January 2008
Holidays, Savage Survival Review & Pricing, Love vs Lust (again), A Revolting Development, Movies from Books--Bleh!, Book Reviews, Male/Female Shopping Divide Story, New Theme for Science Fiction, Kindle and Ebooks, Laziness and Invention, Excerpt from Crazy Ships

February 2008
Christmas Misadventures, Extension of Life in Writing, Book Reviews, Product Longevity, Newsletter Name Winner, Bain Blunders, Bain Muses, Progress Report, Hurrying Mistakes, Endangered Species Act, Tonto the Strange Dachshund, Is Democracy Sustainable, Excerpt from The Original Sex Gates

March 2008
Betty and Kitty, Memories, Bain Muses, Drunk Memories, Book Reviews, Bain Blunders, Politeness in Marriage, Progress Report, Excerpt from Alien Infection

April 2008
They're Out To Get Betty, United Kingdom, Humor in Science Fiction, Book Reviews, Progress Report, Bain Blunders, Baked Fried Pies, Award, Politics, Stale Coffee, Tonto The Idiot-Savant, Improbabilities, Easy Dinner Recipe, Bain Muses, Excerpt from The Melanin Apocalypse

May 2008
Progress Report, Boomer Retirement? Not!, Bad Guys, Book Reviews, Mistletoe Meet, Science Fiction And Cern, Our Outstanding Medical System--Duh!, Bain Muses, Lost Books, Excerpts from Bark!

June 2008
Free Short Story (Warning: not a happy ending), Comeuppance, Scientists Reading Fiction, Progress Report, Movie Credit, Book Reviews, Readers: born or made?, Bain Muses, Kissing and Longer Life, Continuing Saga of Betty, Last Honest Man, Bain Blunders, Unusual Mother's Day Present, Enjoying Dated Science Fiction, You Read it Here first, Patenting Genes, Bain Predictions, Excerpt from Savage Survival.

July 2008
Autographed Books, Bain Muses, Immune System, Politician Description, End of Multi-tasking (Gary Bain), Book Reviews, Tonto to the Rescue, Women's War Memoirs, Pampered Doggies, Can America Change?, Poor Tonto, Machines Aren't So Smart, Excerpt from Medics Wild.

August 2008
Bain muses, Recurring themes, What I believe, Newspaper delivery kaput?, Banking unearned income, Tonto Clone, Bain predictions, Science Fiction to reality, U.K. interview, Outsourcing service, Bain Blunders, Progress Report, Book Reviews, Betty's Dental Horror continued, MRI funny business, Excerpt from Postwar Dinosaur Blues.

September 2008
Bain Muses, Popular at Amazon, What I believe, Review of Doggie Biscuit! Admiration vs Jealousy, A Forrest Gump Life, Tonto's "Help", Book Report, Recognition, Reward for finding book for me!!, Does Corruption and Bribery Stifle Invention and Innovation?, Bain Prediction, Excerpt From The Pet Plague Trilogy.

October 2008
Bain Muses, Bain Boners, Figgling and the Invisible Man, Plato on Political Oratory, Hurricane Ike and loss of power, What I Believe, Newsweek copies me, Medical forms insanity, Book Reports, Twaddle definition, Progress Report, Excerpt From Life on Santa Claus Lane.

November 2008
Bain Muses, Bain Boners, Audible.com, Blue Outline, Not over yet, How I'll Vote, Old folks Perspective, Book Report, Citizen of the Galaxy, A Shopping Pleasantry, What I Believe, Excerpt From Hotline to Heaven.

December 2008
Great gift, Another gift, Bain Boners, Damn Rabbits, Bain Muses, Things History Books Don't Mention, Amazing Piloting, Progress Report, Fine Print, Our Legal System, What I Believed When I Was Young, Nice Review, Books Report, Incongruity, Another Incongruity, Kissable, Back Problems, Fishing, Hamburger Healthy, Excerpt From Strange Valley


January 2009
Tonto's Adventures, Bain Boners, Charity, Progress Report, Health Care Fix, Book Report, Christmas Dinner, Mechanically challenged, Death of a nation, Cookies, Meeting Betty, Togetherness, Excerpt from Circles of Displacement

February 2009
Financiers' apologies?, Watching Time, Sony Ebook Reader, Anniversary Roses, Tonto, Snake Eats Tail, Book Report, Hardest Job in the World, Ironic Togetherness, Progress Report, Excerpt From Ultimate Suggestions

March 2009
Read an E-book week & free e-book, Bainstorming's Bailout idea, Birthday, Belief, Rescue, Book Report, Progress Report, Unbelievable debt, The pundits, Tonto the idiot-savant, Unread, The Melanin Apocalypse selected by SF reading club, Predictions, Excerpt from Shadow Worlds

April 2009
Kindle report, Apt quotes, Excerpts, A Gary funny, Title question, Pleasant exercise, Concentration, Computer fix, Book report, Tonto's crisis, Progress report, Parents of special needs kids, Small town prices, Hidden aggravation, Excerpt from The Disappearing Girls.

May 2009
Changing times, Quanty, Barbers and Bartenders, Quotes, Predictions, Progress Report, Book Report, Definition, Question, Family Life, Death, Excerpt from Starship Down.

June 2009
Progress Report, Book Report, Rescue Mission, Tonto, Excerpt from The Y Factor.

July 2009
Human By Choice a finalist, Re-readable Books, Tonto Antics, Progress Report, Why we kiss, Weird sound, Memorable Phrase, Book Report, Guest contribution by Gary Bain, Excerpt from Galactic Frontiers.

August 2009
Who's right?, Book Report, Interview, Tonto, Progress Report, Senile over boots, Ancient mystery, Observations, A pleasure of life, A legend in my own time?, Sports observation, Excerpt from Quanty

September 2009
Award winning book, Tonto, Purpose of Government, Temperpedic, Short term memory loss, Tuscan cantaloupes, Celebrity Worship, Progress report, Why we're alone, Book report, Plotting, Health care reform notes, Excerpt from Human by Choice.

October 2009
Book sale, Tonto again, The Long Way Home, Stupid priorities, Short prose offered to the public, Sexual function in women with elevated lipids, Newsweek article, Book report, Road to hell, Progress report, Conservative talk shows, World Trade Center, Excerpt from The Long Way Home

November 2009
Best of Bainstorming publication, Death penalty, Family, Shakespeare for Politicians, Sequels, Book report, Progress report, Tonto, Contradictions in Law, Healthy breakfast, Quote from a novel, Excerpt from Bigfoot Crazy

December 2009
Finalists, Books for Christmas, Special Book Sale, Misplaced ice cream, Sign of the Times, Book report, RICO Law, A tribute to Snooky, A Tribute to TC, Progress Report, Quotables, Excerpt from Prion Promises.


January 2010
Tonto vs Betty, Win a Sony Reader, A Rare Event, Walking, Book Report, Missed Energy Savings, Fan Misinterpretation, Progress Report, Christmas, ebook Readers, Damn Dell to Hell, Excerpt from Articles, Muses and Favorite Diet-Breaking Dessert Recipes.

February 2010
Betty’s Book, my Mistake, Tonto's Guest, Women's Minds, IRS snitches, From Comic Strip, Nation Building, Strongman Rule, Book Report, Progress Report, Excerpt from Back From the Bend, Cure For The Morning After.

March 2010
Apology, Blackness in kitchen, Male intelligence, Human by Choice, Horrible Customer Service, Progress report, Book report, Birthday “cake”, Excerpt from The Frontier Rebellion (forthcoming).

April 2010
(Epicon 2010, Award, New Orleans, filet mignon and Betty’s accident),  Question about methane gas in the environment, Progress Report, Book reviews, Tonto and the Butterfly, Inoperable Firestarter, Betty’s diagnosis *finally* and prognosis, Excerpt from Starship Down

May 2010
A real letter, Book reviews, Injuries, Religion & Gender, Dachshund Training, Book reviews, Laws, Federal Government and schools, Twitter, Snakebit with Televisions, Tonto as usual, About The Melanin Apocalypse, Progress report, Good deed punished, Excerpt from The Melanin Apocalypse.

June 2010
Great little minds, Book reviews, Oops!, Google wins Bainstorming matchup, Books for iPad, Prestigious invitation, Web Site update/corrections/revisions, Salsa Errand, Progress Report, Remodeling, A new well, Excerpt from Quanty (winner of 2010 EPIC Award for best adventure novel).

July 2010
Betty TIA, Weber Quote, Too many books, Cataracts, Beyond the call of duty, Book report, Progress report, Web site repair, Nook for my youngest brother, Excerpt from The Melanin Apocalypse.

August 2010
Future of our debt, Oil Quote, Global warming--why worry? God quotes, Idiot pets, Fever, Oops!, Book Report, Quote from David Weber book, Tonto and the tomatoes, Quote from David Weber book, Words in English, Progress report, Excerpt from Hotline To Heaven.

September 2010
Hubris will get you every time, Paying forward, Fever, Guest columnist: The Rapture event?, Oops! cyber launch party, Contest for free copies of Oops!, Gimme society, Favorite science fiction novels, Book report, Progress report, Corporate idiocy, Excerpt from Alien Infection.

October 2010
Baked Fried Pies, Poverty, Author royalties vs. used books, Fever, Tonto, Truck, Progress report.

November 2010
Best seller at Amazon, Poor Tonto, A Rare Pair, Quotes, Book Reviews, Comic Strips, Progress report, Exercise, Married couples & Quantum entanglement, Literary blindness, Excerpt from Altered Humans.

December 2010
Tonto is Gone, Progress Report, Book Report, UFO Visitor, Excerpt from Life On Santa Claus Lane (A complete story!), Excerpt from Bark!.


January 2011
Special Note, Betty’s Book, A simple remote, Building love, Progress report, Two faces, I don’t get it, Book report, Time Change damage, Banks and lending, Tonto, Dream Act, No tips, Excerpt from Warp Point.

February 2011
The Melanin Apocalypse, 99 cent sale, Vindication in spades,  Deficit reduction commission, I goofed, Review of Bark!, Progress report, Book report, Ben Franklin said it, Guest essay by Morgan Ashbury, Bain Blunders: Funny early Valentine, Excerpt from The Melanin Apocalypse.

March 2011
Free eBooks, Galactic Frontiers update, Political Correctness help needed!, To my fans and readers: Future plans covering the next two years, Radio Interview report Re: The Melanin Apocalypse, Book reviews, Progress report, Deficit Reduction Committee comment, Bain Blunder, Movie Contracts, Weird Event –True Story!, Prisoner Scam, Pundits and the Budget Crisis, Bain Quote, Best-Selling Science Fiction, Excerpt from Apertures.

April 2011
Arranging a wish, Doggie Biscuit! revised and discounted in ebook form until mid-April, Very aggravating radio interview, Our crazy disease, Why men are attracted to breasts (comments welcomed and will be printed in the May Bainstorming if desired), Awful root canal and extraction for me and Betty, Progress report, Book reviews, Excerpt from Medics Wild, Complete long report on aggravating interview.

May 2011
Correction, Doggie Biscuit!, Females stronger than males sometimes, Bad Coffee, Good Coffee, My Reading Material, Apertures, Drugs from Europe, Helping Mexico: Arm their citizens, Concealed gun permit, Gun safety, Why I like Science Fiction, Small Print, Book Reviews, Closets, Bain Question, Chiggers, Dental problems, Progress Report, Early Mother’s Day, Racial Labeling, Excerpt from Space For Sale.

June 2011
Forty acres or five, Odd perspectives, At last, Smart, Mexico, I’m Obsolete, Book Reviews, Mechanically challenged, The Dream Act, Progress report, Zero tolerance gone amok, Religion, Excerpt from Three For The Money.

July 2011
Pat downs, Gay species, Progress report, Dangers for kids, Political Commentary, Mechanically untalented, A wild idea, Apertures, More Zero Tolerance, Book reviews, Excerpt from Space Trails.

August 2011
Married politeness, Bain’s fondest wish, Endangered species?, Tongue rollers and kissing, Nice letters, An adventure with Susie, Great quotes, Robert J. Sawyer’s WWW trilogy, Book reviews, Can tech civilization endure?, Status of America: beginning of a series in Bainstorming, Progress report, Excerpt from Space for Sale.

September 2011
Slowing down, Global ebook award for Doggie Biscuit!, Book reviews, Progress Report, I wonder about this, Series: State of America: Our crazy medical care system, Excerpt from Alien Seeds.

October 2011
Media/Politician perfidy, Quote, Medicaid fraud in Texas, The movie Contagion and my book, The melanin Apocalypse, Special price for The Melanin Apocalypse, Book reports, Progress report, Continuing series, The State of America: Teachers, Schools and Education, Free short story from Oops!: Cure For An Ailing Alien.

November 2011
Great Idea For Economy--and you, Early Christmas Shopping, Government too big or just too complicated?, Book Reports, Short Story With Legs, Progress Report, The More Times Change The More They Are The Same, Alien Seeds, A Quote Worth Reading, The Complete Toppers, Newspaper Surprise, Bring Back the Nerva!, Continuing Series, The State of America: Our Idiotic Income Tax Laws, New Political Correctness Term, A program For Mystery Lovers, Excerpt from Alien Seeds.

December 2011
Great Christmas presents for your friends and family, Real funny excerpt from Life On Santa Claus Lane, State of America Series: Affirmative Action, Citizenship and Special Treatment for Minorities, Profiling inconsistencies, It’s Not Corporate Greed, Progress Report, Book Reviews, Deficit Hoax.


January 2012
A Wife To Behold, My Autobiography, Response to Nerva from Dec. Bainstorming, Funny definition, Kids working, Betty’s Solution for Politicians, A Political Quote, Book Reviews, State of America Series:  Immigration (legal and illegal), Political Cowardice and Stupid Laws, Excerpt from the final Apertures Novel A World Lost, A world Gained.

February 2012
The Famous brown sheepskin, State of America series: Drug problems, illegal and otherwise, Letting books go, Progress report, Book reviews, Political columnists, New dog: Tip, Piddling, Fan Mail, The Melanin Apocalypse, Excerpt from The Melanin Apocalypse.

March 2012
Mild Winter, Old Age and Heaven, Love, My autobiography: It’s never Too late, Book Reviews, Operation on feet and progress report, Religious practices, Series--State of America: Environmental Boondoggling and Global Warming, Excerpt from my Autobiography, It’s Never Too late.

April, May, June 2012
Note to Readers, Tweedle, The Dog Who Thought He Was A Cat, Bain Quote, State of America: Our Bankrupt Federal Government, Lots of Book Reviews, Tribute to a Mother, Are you embarrassed by this?, Excerpt from The Dog Who Thought He Was A Cat

July, August 2012
Reproductive rights and birth control, Climate Control, Coming soon Rogue Program, Climate Control, Book Reviews, For Adventure Enthusiasts, State of America Series: The Everlasting Housing Boondoggle, Threads, Testing in Schools, Good Intentions, Betty’s Desert Cookbook and articles/muses, Correlations, Fan Letters, Politicians scare me, The Story on Coffee, Desk Dictionary, Complete Toppers, Excerpt from Complete Toppers.

Changing Opinions, Food trucks and Junk Food with Food Stamp Card, Book Reviews, Bain Brothers interviewed, Reading my  own book, My Exercise and Diet Regime, Simple Meal Recipe, NIH statement on effectiveness of medical treatments, State of America: lawyers and our legal system, Clifford Pickover’s Reality Circus, Excerpt from Starship Down.

Census Counting Illegal Immigrants?; We’re supposed to respect Islamic nations?; Coming Soon, Rogue Program, the book fans of Lyda Brightner have been waiting on!; Sometimes the Law is Wrong; Media bias; Book reviews; DEA harming older patients; State of America: Poverty, real poverty, employment and unemployment; Balkanizing of America and the World; Excerpt from Rogue Program.

November Protected Species Act Gone Crazy, Question from Bainstorming, Bain Quote, A Series Worth Reading, Book Reviews, My Brother’s Dog, My Take On God, Religion, Evolutionary Genetics and a Quote From Trinity by Sean Chercover, State of America: Our Mixed Up Foreign Policy, Excerpt from rogue Program, Excerpt From Rogue Program, Excerpt from Space Trails, Story from Life On Santa Claus Lane.

December Christmas presents for readers, Lies and damned lies, Children of the Sex Gates, Day Dreams, Book reviews, Roman Empire and America, State of America series: An incoherent energy policy, Excerpts from Life On Santa Claus Lane, Laughing All The Way and Doggie Biscuit.


January/February/March Children of the Sex Gates, Dogs driving cars, Book reviews, Rogue Program, There Ought to be a Law, Gun Control, Close Call, Poverty, Body parts going wrong, Valentine’s Day, State of America: return to medical care, Things Could be worse, Excerpt from Children of the Sex Gates, Excerpt from Rogue Program.

October 2013 The latest update of Bainstorming is now available. Read abut my newest book and other subjects.


July 2014 New book: Samantha’s Talent, My Best Books, Eye Infection & Jungle Fever, Publishing Doldrums, Home and vehicle financing.

October 2014 Subjects this issue: New book: Samantha’s Talent, My Best Books, Eye infection & Jungle Fever, Publishing Doldrums, Home and vehicle financing, Betty’s terrible fall, Contest for the two best reviews of Samantha’s Talent, Acute Chelitis, Another War.


April 2015 Subjects this issue: Another new book, my 64th, titled How It Ought To Be, Damn It!, A thought to think about, New phones, Reasons for writing less now, Recovery (?) from our illnesses and then more illness, Our Road That Eats Money, Back To Carrying and Why, An experiment in writing and reading (with your help).

May 2015 to December 2015


January 1, 2016 to May 15, 2016 Subjects this issue: Massive change of publishers, Amazon Author Page, Water In The House, Why Are so many Women Afraid Of Snakes?, Guest Post, Reviews Of My Books sale for book lovers.

May 16, 2016 to May 20, 2016 Subjects in this issue: Self Published Books, My computer Technician, My Newest Book, Reviews for Books on sale, A Question to ponder, Bad Day At Black Rock Turned into bad multiple days at Black Rock!

May 21 to May 29, 2016
Subjects in this issue: Book Sale. Samantha’s Talent and Coming of Age. The Apertures Series. Rain And More Rain. My Back Doesn’t Like Me. Memorial Day.

May 30 to July 9, 2016
Subjects in this blog: Terrible Month of constant pain, Shift of Books to other Publishers, Promotion I couldn’t help with, Spinal injection, Books going out of Print, Books available for new publishers, Handy hint, Amazon Author’s Page, Betty.

July 10 to 26 July, 2016
Subjects in this blog: Alien Infection at 99 cents! Love of my Life, Immigrants, Thanks to my readers.

July 29 to August 25, 2016
Subjects in this blog:
Thanks to Fans and readers. MY back: fixed or not?

August 26 to October 29, 2016
Subjects in this blog:
Unkind month of September, And continuing into the unkind month of October, Next books available, Outlook Express, Halloween.

October 29 to December 25, 2016
Subjects in this blog: Political correctness corrected, Life spans of readers, my burn, Pending Books, Truck and Car, New Book, Betty, Christmas, Writing and Editing.


December 26, 2016 to February 10, 2017
Subjects in this blog: Apologies, The New Types, Deaths, Betty’s New Fall, Truck, Friedman, Back, The God Stories.

February 11, 2017
Subjects in this blog: The New Types, Illegal Immigrants, Quote, Medical Advancement, Space For Sale, Recommended Books, Apertures series.

May 10, 2017
Subjects in this blog: déjà vu all over again, Apologies for changing titles, IRS, Repeat Suggestion, DUMBO spaceship and nuclear reactor, Rogue Program Back, Bob Rich Blog.

August 2017
Subjects in this blog: Apologies (again), “Jungle Fever”, Books to be self-published, Audie Murphy quote, Apertures information, Post Office Can lose mail, Sacral Implant, Whoops! Storm!, Fall Again, Neat Butterfly Experiment, The God Stories, The Last Williard Brothers Book Fight For Mars which completes the series, C.S. Lewis Quote.

November 2017
Subjects in this blog: Apologies (as usual), Sequels, Problems of an Aging Writer, Impossible Charge On Credit Card, “Jungle Fever” Again, A special Treat: Stories From Life On Santa Claus Lane, Laughing All The Way, and Doggie Biscuit!, Apertures Trilogy Finally Republished, A Recipe From Betty Bain’s Dessert Cookbook, and a story from her cookbook, Great Diet Busting Dessert Recipes: Along with Wonderful Articles on Humor, Medicine and Travel (You don’t want to miss this one for your cookbook collection), Facebook Notice, Veterans.

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